Maintaining Research Continuity

NOTE: This message was sent to PI and DGA lists, personnel named on PI recovery plans, OVPRI research admin units, core facilities staff, and center and institute directors and business managers on Jan. 6, 2021


Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to remind you to operate with an abundance of caution in your research activities over the next few weeks as we are already seeing a surge in local cases due to holiday break activities. In these new few weeks, I ask that you consider providing more remote opportunities for your team to reduce overall person density on campus. Any individuals who have traveled out of state should follow either the Governor’s recommended 14-day quarantine or the CDC travel guidance (which recommends testing pre- and post-travel). Also speak about appropriate quarantine or remote work for individuals on your team who engaged in larger group activities in the recent weeks. Free testing is available through COVID MAP.

If you are coming to campus, please be especially diligent with mask wearing and hand hygiene, be cautious when taking breaks and avoid eating indoors with others. Please talk with all of your group members, enable remote work where possible, and be extremely cautious in ramping activities back up post-break.

We do not want to move back in our stages of research recovery. However, as we have outlined in all of our planning, please be prepared to revert back to a prior stage if needed. Ensuring that we minimize the impact of any potential cases and close contacts in the research community over these next few weeks will enable continuity in our operations and permit us to stay at our current reopening stage. 

Please know that I am incredibly grateful for your continued flexibility, adaptability, and thoughtfulness in keeping our research community safe.




Cassandra Moseley 
Interim Vice President for Research and Innovation 
Research Professor, Institute for a Sustainable Environment
University of Oregon
(541) 346-2090