UO Research Excellence Awards for 2014 Announced

The Vice President for Research and Innovation has announced the recipients of the UO Research Excellence Awards. This year, the format includes five awards presented to seven individuals at an awards ceremony on June 10, 2014. Congratulations to the following award recipients:

2014 Outstanding Career Award (awarded to two tenured faculty of Associate or full Professor rank)
Eric Selker, Professor of Biology – CAS
Jon Erlandson, Professor of Anthropology – CAS, Director of the Museum of Natural and Cultural History

2014 Early Career Award (awarded to two tenure-track faculty members at the Assistant Professor rank)
Courtney Thorsson, Assistant Professor of English – CAS
Shannon Boettcher, Assistant Professor of Chemistry – CAS

2014 NTTF – Outstanding Accomplishment Award for Independent Researcher (for one career NTTF engaged in independent research activities)
Richard Chartoff, Research Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry – CAS

2014 NTTF – Outstanding Accomplishment Award for Technical Research Support (for one career NTTF engaged in technical activities in support of research)
Craig Rasmussen, Scientific Software Consultant – CAS IT

2014 Innovation and Impact Award (one award for an individual or team for outstanding entrepreneurial activity)
Rob Horner, Professor of Special Education – COE, Director of Educational and Community Supports

The UO Research Excellence Awards are intended to r


ecognize the significant impact and reach of UO researchers and the outstanding research activities taking place at the UO. Awardees receive commendation from the office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation, including $1,000 (or $2,500 for a team) in research support, a recognition memento, formal highlighting of their work and that of their fellow awardees at a celebratory event and inclusion in the 2014 Research, Innovation and Graduate Education Annual Report. Additionally, the Outstanding Career Award recipients will give an annual Presidential Lecture on campus in the year following the award to share their outstanding work with campus colleagues.