Research Administrative Excellence Awards recognizes service

Last week, the 4th Annual Research Administrative Excellence Awards recognized the contributions of staff within the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (OPVRI) for their service and committment to the campus community.

Deanna Berglund, Lauren McHolm, and Kari Vandergust all received individual recognition for their service and the F&A Negotions Team was recognized for their work putting together the F&A rate proposal for the Federal Government. An inter-departmental team, the members were:

  • Bruce Abrahamson, BAO
  • Jacob Bartruff, Geography (IT)
  • Donna Batson, BAO
  • Analinda Camacho, SPS
  • Bill Dassenko, BAO
  • Rob Freytag, BAO
  • Pam Joslin, SPS
  • Robert Lawson, SPS
  • Stuart Mellor, SPS
  • Shawn Peterson, Campus Planning, Design & Construction

In addition to the administrative excellence awards, Ellen Childs was recognized for her seventeen years of service to the UO research office. Friday was her last day before enjoying a well-earned retirement.